the wordle debate and report cards

my last term\'s report cards, wordle-fiedI’ve just read Dan Meyer’s post, and the subsequent comments that resulted from that post, entitled, Correct Me If I’m Wrong, about the significance of Wordle in the classroom. I have used Wordle this summer with my summer school class to create a display of literary terminology, and played around with it a bit thinking of ideas on how it can be used in the classroom (Mother’s Day and Father’s Day comes to mind, for instance).

I liked the idea of looking at the use or misuse of repetition in a piece of literature, and that spurred the idea to input a set of my report cards to see what would emerge, the result of which is in this post. What I find interesting is that, although I have always believed that my report cards were reader-friendly, the words that I use most often might not be understood by the average parent. It appears that I need to use more ESL-friendly vocabulary in the future. I didn’t realize how often I used the word “work.”

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